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Listel Onix Wall - 30x45 - Ceramic Curtains - 1st

Listel Onix Wall - 30x45 - Ceramic Curtains - 1st

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General information

✅ Important:

The price per m2 is referential (It is best to consult directly on WhatsApp the model and the number of m2 or boxes you need. This way we consult stock with the warehouse staff of the quantity you need, we quote the best price and coordinate the pick-up or delivery of your order.

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☑️ Distributor of Cortines products, Argentina:

We distribute all Cortines products. We offer the best price on the market with all payment methods. We make immediate deliveries to the entire country (Argentina). Coordinate your order for Cortines products at the best price on the market and with the most convenient shipping or pickup method for you!


At Valle Austral, we are proud to be distributors of the products of the renowned Cerámica Cortines brand. With almost 40 years of experience in the ceramic world, Cerámica Cortines has positioned itself as one of the main national companies in the production of glazed ceramics, standing out for its excellent combination of quality and product design.

Strategically located in the Buenos Aires city of Luján, Cerámica Cortines has a cutting-edge infrastructure designed to meet the demands and demands of the current market. Following manufacturing standards according to the Spanish standard UNE-EN ISO 10545 , the company guarantees the quality and reliability of its products.

Clients and suppliers choose Cerámica Cortines for the exceptional quality of its products and the commitment of its talented team. The company thanks all those who contribute to its mission of providing customers with top-notch quality and service. At Valle Austral, we feel privileged to partner with a brand that shares our values ​​of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that, following the high quality standards that characterize us, Cerámica Cortines becomes the first Argentine ceramics company to receive the certification granted by the INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology), rigorously complying with the technical regulations. established by said body.

This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and drives us to continue providing the best quality in our products and services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. At Valle Austral, we are proud to partner with a company that continues to raise industry standards and prioritize quality in everything it does.


The Cortines line of coverings offers a versatile and elegant solution to transform any space with style and sophistication. Here I present some advantages of this line:

  1. Variety of designs and styles : Curtain coverings are available in a wide variety of designs, styles and finishes to suit different tastes and decorative preferences. From geometric patterns to floral and abstract designs, there are options for all decorating styles.

  2. Quality and durability : Manufactured from high quality materials and using advanced technology, Curtains liners offer excellent durability and wear resistance. This ensures that they maintain their beauty and functionality over time, even in areas of high traffic and constant use.

  3. Easy installation : Curtain coverings are designed for quick and easy installation, saving time and money on remodeling or construction projects. Plus, its modular design makes it easy to customize and create unique and creative patterns.

  4. Application Versatility : Whether covering walls indoors or outdoors, creating accent or decorative designs, or even for commercial applications, Cortines coverings offer exceptional versatility. Their wide range of applications makes them suitable for a variety of projects and spaces.

  5. Easy Maintenance : Curtain liners are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for high traffic and frequent use areas. With proper care, they will maintain their original appearance and quality for many years, providing a long-lasting and aesthetically appealing solution for any environment.


For outdoor or indoor use:

  • WEBER: Superflex
  • MAPEI: Keraflex
  • KLAUKOL: Flex
  • Glue for coverings and floors suggested for the type of work to be carried out (Let the installer or experienced professional work)

Quickly wipe off the excess before the paste hardens.

*We suggest that all installation work be carried out by an experienced professional.


Cortines ceramic coverings and floors offer a number of exceptional advantages in terms of design:

  1. Wood: Cortines' line of wood-look coatings and floors offers the warmth and natural appearance of wood, but with the durability and ease of maintenance of ceramics. This allows you to create cozy and elegant environments in any space.

  2. Cementos: Cortines cement-look coverings and floors offer a modern and minimalist style, perfect for contemporary spaces. Its industrial appearance and variety of tones allow creating urban and sophisticated environments.

  3. Stones: Cortines' line of stone-look coatings and floors offers the beauty and texture of natural stone, but with the durability and versatility of ceramic. This allows you to create rustic and natural spaces with a touch of elegance.

  4. Marbles: Cortines marble-look coverings and floors offer the elegance and luxury characteristic of natural marble, but with the resistance and ease of maintenance of ceramics. This allows you to create sophisticated and refined spaces in any environment.

  5. High Grip: Cortines high grip coverings and floors offer a non-slip surface, ideal for wet or outdoor areas where greater grip and safety is required.

  6. Cottos: Cortines' line of cotto-look flooring and coverings offers the warmth and tradition of terracotta floors, but with the durability and resistance of ceramics. This allows us to create cozy and charming environments.

  7. Coverings: Cortines' variety of coverings offers options for all styles and needs, from classic to modern designs, allowing you to create unique and personalized spaces in any design or construction project.

Purchase information

  • Sales format: per m2, closed box or pallet

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Shipping costs vary depending on the delivery destination and the characteristics of the order.
The shipping cost includes transportation, insurance and VAT.

🛍️ Payment Methods :

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  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit (3 and 6 interest-free installments) with Mercado Pago
  • Transfer or Bank Deposit (25% Discount)

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