🚚 Shipping & Deliveries


Do they reach the entire country?

Yes, we reach all parts of the country, including Tierra del Fuego.

Do you do home delivery?

Yes, you have home deliveries for all postal codes in Argentina.

Can it be withdrawn by Branch?

Yes, from the moment the purchase is made, it can be withdrawn after 24 business hours at the corresponding branch and with the proof of purchase that was sent to your mailbox.

Can shipments be made to the Logistics Operator Branch?

Yes, we have the service for you to pick up your order at the branch of our authorized operators. Contact us for more information.


Do you have coordinated deliveries?

Yes, in CABA and GBA. Deliveries are coordinated so that you can choose the exact day and time slot in which you want to receive your purchase.


When will my order be shipped?

Once the order is placed/confirmed, 1 to 5 business days.

How long will it take to get my order?

Your order will take between 1 to 10 business days to arrive at your home or operator's branch (depending on distance and transportation).

Do you offer extra fast shipping?

Yes, we can offer you the fastest shipping among all our operators.


Shipments are outsourced and have an extra cost.

  • Address/Branch of the Operator: Shipping costs vary according to the delivery destination and the characteristics of the order.
    The shipping cost includes transportation, insurance and VAT.
  • Withdrawal by Branch: free


We work with more than 40 logistics operators, from the smallest, local and specialized ones to the largest nationally.

Some of them: OCA, La Sevillanita, Cruz del Sur, Chazki, Raosa, Global Track, Oro Negro, Andesmar, Saires, Lo Bruno, among more of the best logistics services.


    The products are packed with the highest quality to protect them from breakage, humidity and any type of corrosion. They are specially designed for maximum care of deliveries, from small quantities to large and heavier parcels.


    All shipments have a tracking link so you know where your purchase is, from the beginning until you receive it at your home or branch.

    It contains the status of the shipment, history, maximum delivery date, a button to initiate a claim, the tracking number, and the information of the transport that made the shipment. For more information, click here.


    We know the variety of our clients, we have the will and the ability to bring you the most convenient delivery method for you and your project.

    Contact us and a commercial advisor will contact you for more personalized attention.