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coatings experts - argentina


Look and discover all the coatings we sell. We offer many models, with many photos and videos!

They are also organized by types of collections so you can search according to:

1️⃣ Type of Design
2️⃣ Material
3️⃣ Color
4️⃣ Brand
5️⃣ Special Collections (And much more)

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Flooring experts - Argentina


We invite you to explore our variety full of innovative apartments. We have a wide selection of models, accompanied by many photos and videos so you can find the ideal one for you.

They are also organized by types of collections so you can search according to:

1️⃣ Type of Design
2️⃣ Material
3️⃣ Color
4️⃣ Brand
5️⃣ Special Collections (And much more)

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The elegance of the reflection


Our approach to mirrors stands out for our offer that fuses the mysterious and frenetic nature of reflection with decoration.

We immerse ourselves in the fascinating intersection between the tangible and the ethereal, offering products that capture the very essence of reflection, illuminating environments with a captivating and natural charm.

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fundamental ally of builders

Construction companies

🥇 At Valle Austral we are the ideal ally for construction companies and their projects. As we know that for a successful construction, you need not only the right materials, but also the best prices (The most competitive) and optimal delivery conditions.

✅ That is why we are committed to working closely with construction companies, negotiating the best prices and ensuring timely and efficient delivery of the materials necessary for their works.

ally of architecture studies

Architecture Studies

🥇 Our relationship with architecture studios goes beyond simply providing materials.

✅ We strive to enhance their businesses, helping them optimize costs and make their projects more efficient and sustainable.

✅ Whether providing high-quality materials at affordable prices or advising on sustainable construction practices, we are committed to contributing to the success of every architectural project.

ally of construction professionals

Construction Professionals

🥇 We stand out as an ideal partner for construction professionals. We recognize the importance of every detail in a project, from the quality of materials to cost efficiency and on-time delivery.

✅ That is why we are committed to offering a personalized and complete service to our clients.

ally and partner of companies and businesses

Companies and Business

🥇 By choosing us as your ally in construction, companies and businesses can rely on receiving a personalized and reliable service that will allow them to achieve their objectives effectively.

✅ We are committed to driving the success of every project, providing innovative solutions and supporting our clients every step of the way.

ally of all final clients and individuals

End and Individual Clients

🥇 We are dedicated to being a perfect partner for our end clients and individuals seeking to carry out successful and satisfactory construction projects.

✅ We recognize that every detail of the project is personal, from selecting quality materials to optimizing costs and ensuring on-time deliveries.

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Logistics experts

🚚 Deliveries and Shipping

Thanks to our experience and dedication, we guarantee that each step of the logistics process is carried out with precision and punctuality. We work closely with trusted transportation partners to ensure that each product reaches its final destination in optimal condition and within established deadlines.

to the 24 Argentine provinces

🌐 To the entire country (Argentina)

At Valle Austral, we have perfected our logistics to provide an excellent service in all Argentine provinces. With a strategically established distribution network, we ensure that we reach every corner of the country, including all 24 provinces.

the best transport

🎖️ The best transportation to each town and province

Our experience in logistics allows us to optimize each step of the process, from the receipt of orders to the final delivery in the hands of our customers. We work with the best transportation providers to ensure products arrive safely and on time, regardless of geographic location.

the best delivery conditions

🕙 Speed, Security, Efficiency and better costs

At Valle Austral, we specialize in offering agile and secure shipments throughout Argentina. Our priority is to guarantee efficiency in each delivery, maintaining competitive costs for our clients.

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product samples

Coordinate to see samples or buy them

Send us a WhatsApp to coordinate a visit to our showroom to see samples of the models you like.

stock and warehouse

Check Stock of the quantity you need

Ask us about the amount of stock you are looking for so we can confirm if there is stock or when we could get it for you.

improve the competition's budgets

Find the best price

Get the products you need for your work at the best price on the market. Don't pay the premiums of larger companies.

top-level remote care

The best online service wherever you are

Our team is available to help you and provide you with expert assistance, whether you are at home, in the office or anywhere else. Through our online service, you can access all the information you need about our products, make inquiries, place orders and receive personalized advice, all with the convenience of a few clicks. We're here to ensure your shopping experience is easy, convenient and satisfying, wherever you are.

efficient and convenient ordering

Coordinate your order

Coordinate your order with us and we guarantee a hassle-free purchasing experience. Whether you need help selecting the right product, learning more about our services, or making your purchase, our team is here to assist you every step of the process.

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