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📊 We accompany professionals from the world of construction in their projects

We continually provide construction and home decoration materials to the agents who are in the eye of the Hurricane , there in the center of the scene building all the works that are carried out day by day in Argentina.

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📐 Main clients

Architecture Studies

We work with companies and teams specialized in the design, planning and construction of buildings and urban spaces. These studios can vary in size, from small firms led by one architect to large companies with several architects, designers and specialists.

🏗️ Main clients

Construction companies

This type of client is dedicated to the physical execution of architectural and engineering projects. They are responsible for carrying out the construction of buildings, infrastructure, homes, roads, bridges and other types of structures according to the designs provided by architecture or engineering firms.

🎨 Main clients

Interior Designers

They are professionals specialized in the creation and optimization of interior or exterior spaces, combining functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics.

They design and plan the distribution of spaces, the selection of furniture, colors, materials, lighting and decoration to improve the quality of life and the experience of users in both an indoor and outdoor environment.

👨🏻‍💼 Main clients

Architects, Senior Construction Masters and Civil Engineers

Architects, master builders and engineers are key professionals in the construction industry , each with different but complementary roles and responsibilities:

Their collaboration is essential to the success of a construction project. Architects provide the creative and aesthetic vision, MMOs provide experience in practical execution, and engineers provide technical expertise to guarantee the stability and safety of the structures.

👷🏼‍♂️ Main clients

Professionals and Workers in the world of Construction

The world of construction is made up of a wide variety of professionals and workers, each with specific roles that contribute to the construction process of buildings and infrastructure.

We are a solution for Construction Workers, Installers and installers, Inspectors and supervisors, Mosaicists and other Construction professionals.

📈 Main clients

Companies and Projects

Companies choose us to carry out their construction projects for a variety of reasons, and these can vary depending on the type of company, the specific project and its needs.

Thanks to us, they achieve the Construction of facilities, Renovations and remodeling, Infrastructure and development, Expansion and growth, Compliance with regulations and standards, and Improvement of the brand image.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Main clients

Private Clients

Private clients find in us the combination of quality, sophisticated designs, the best prices and delivery times, along with fluid communication and the integration of sustainable practices in their construction projects.

🏅 Why do our Clients choose us?

There are several reasons why our clients choose us every day. For those who feel confidence in us and find that we are the solution to their project and the ideal distributor for their purchase.

The best market price

Excellent Price

We optimize our distribution system so that you can get the best price on the market with the product and brand you are looking for. We do not handle exorbitant margins like some well-known Distributors. We think of you and we always bring you closer, the BEST PRICE.

speed of delivery

fast deliveries

We want you to receive delivery of your order as quickly as possible. We know that many times you have to quickly meet the work deadlines. To achieve this in a good way, we seek to offer you super convenient and competitive delivery times.

reach - the whole country

We arrived to the whole country

We make shipments and deliveries to the 24 provinces of the country. We have a strong logistics system integrated by more than 30 logistics companies with the greatest weight and experience in the industry. We send deliveries of all sizes, from small orders to orders of 1, 2 or more teams.

We work with the most specialized Transport and Express in each Argentine town and province, to optimize delivery times, shipping costs, quality and safety, with the help of the most professionals in Logistics and Transport.

products - complete catalog

Great variety of products

We offer more than 3,000 products belonging to more than 50 National and International brands . From each brand that we represent, we offer all their products so that you can have all the construction and decoration materials at your disposal within reach. With us you can get to know in an optimal way all the Argentine products for the construction and decoration of environments.

photos and complete information

Inspiration and knowledge

We show the maximum quantity and quality of photos so that you can fully develop your inspiration when creating ideas and designs. We also take the trouble to offer you in an aesthetic and complete way all the information corresponding to each product and model so that we do not miss any details and you have everything you need at your disposal.

About construction and decoration materials

Free Tool

As we offer many National and International brands on the market, with their complete Catalogs, all the photos and complete information about each product in one place and in an optimal way. All our clients choose us as a free tool to find ideas, information and make inquiries.

our people - our heart

Attention and Trust

We know our clients, the people and the Argentines. We try to connect with each one of them in their individuality to bring them the best solution for their projects in an efficient, simple and fast way.

We listen and pay attention to the details. Always willing to help you with anything you need. That's where we make the difference.

In our Human quality, we manage to distinguish ourselves.

assertive and responsible

We keep our word

We will never promise you anything that we cannot fulfill. We will always be clear and transparent with the particular situation of each client, their order and their conditions. To comply with what is established with you. We are there for you.

🤝🏻 Optimal solutions + Innovate in design + Professional quality

Our passion for what we do generated, throughout our history, the trust placed by clients, brands and the market, who choose us year after year.

📈 Valle Austral - Evolving the Market

At Valle Austral we take the distribution of materials for construction and nutrition to another level. Humanity continually evolves and improvement is always the north that guides us. Here we are at the forefront of the Distribution of materials for the Construction Industry.

  • Get the best price for your order

    We seek to offer you the best price on the market so that you can get the product and brand you are looking for at the best price on the market with the best delivery conditions. So that we can be your winning distributor.

  • Coordinate a convenient delivery with which you agree

    Check stock of the quantity you need and coordinate delivery if you advance with your order. You can choose which transport to send it with, the payment method or ask us for suggestions in this regard.

  • We consult, we are here to help you:

    Consult information, ask us for photos of the products or suggestions for the idea you are looking for. With regard to construction materials we can help you. We are experts.

📧 Or write us an Email (In less than 24 hours a commercial advisor will contact you)