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Ocean Std Wedge; R:2.25 Ivory - 1st

Ocean Std Wedge; R:2.25 Ivory - 1st

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🎖️ Quality Policy - Coatings and Floors

Valle Austral is recognized as the main distributor of Razzante and EcoStone in Argentina, backed by a solid track record of more than 40 years in the construction sector.

With two modern industrial plants equipped with cutting-edge technology, covering a total area of ​​23,000 m2 and a production capacity of 800,000 m2 per year, we are capable of offering products and services with high added value.

Under the Razzante and EcoStone brands, we offer a wide range of 90 models of cementitious floors and coverings, as well as concrete blocks and pavers for both interior and exterior use.


ECOSTONE is a type of industrially manufactured stone that contains all the attributes of natural rock. From the combination of minerals, cement pigments and additives, a finish is achieved with the resistance and appearance of authentic stone.

RAZZANTE is a reconstituted stone, formed by a high dosage of cement, fine, crushed aggregates, high modulus fibers, pigments and additives. It is a vibrated, solid, compact and resistant cementitious product. The appearance of the material includes its own characteristics such as: variations in texture and thickness, veins, pores, variations in color and tone, these are the result of manufacturing and intention in
aspect. The final protection and appearance is achieved with the on-site application of Razzante high traffic coating, or other protector for cement products.


Its natural stone appearance allows you to create different and cozy environments, both indoors and outdoors. It can be used as a floor in all spaces of a home. Indoors: rustic living rooms, family rooms, rustic kitchens, winter gardens, barbecue areas, commercial premises, wall coverings. Outdoors: galleries, external patios, sidewalks, wall coverings, garages.


  • Easy placement
  • Perfect finish
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Lightweight material
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Individual panels


Innovative Nature Technology is used in the manufacturing of Razzante and EcoStone products. This advanced technology, developed by expert die-makers, allows us to create ultra-realistic textures that faithfully imitate the properties and finishes of natural stone.

Thanks to Nature Technology, it is possible to obtain authentic floors and coverings that not only look like natural stone, but are also lightweight and easy to install. This technology allows us to offer high quality products that satisfy the aesthetic and practical needs of our clients, all applied and developed in Argentina.

Our commitment is to technological excellence, and that is why we highlight the cutting-edge use of Endurance Plus Technology (Endurance Plus EP Technology) in the manufacturing of Razzante and EcoStone products. This technology, the result of the most recent advances in the field, gives these products superior mechanical resistance, reduced absorption and impeccable geometric precision.

Endurance Plus Technology goes beyond mere resistance, ensuring exceptional durability that exceeds expectations. Our focus on innovation and quality allows us to offer coatings and flooring that not only meet, but exceed industry standards. With Endurance Plus Technology, we are setting the standard in the sector, demonstrating that the technology applied in Argentina can compete on a global level.


1. What are EcoStone coatings?

EcoStone cementitious coatings are a type of stone manufactured from the combination of cement, fine aggregates, pigments and additives. After a careful treatment process, panels identical to natural stone are obtained, with the benefit of being lighter, more practical and durable.

2. Are the coatings suitable for interior and exterior?

EcoStone coatings are suitable both indoors and outdoors. These are lightweight panel materials that do not require maintenance. They are sophisticated pieces that enhance all sectors and environments of houses, buildings, commercial premises, among others.

3. What material are the coverings used?

For the installation of EcoStone coatings, we recommend the EcoPega line of adhesive mixtures. These are products developed especially for the installation of EcoStone panels. There is an ideal color for each covering model.

4. Do the colors of the products fade over time?

Our products do not discolor over time or exposure to UV rays.

5. Do the coatings deteriorate?

EcoStone coatings require no maintenance. They have good thermal and acoustic insulation, therefore, they do not deteriorate easily.

6. Is there a product to protect the coatings?

There are two products that are used to protect EcoStone coatings. The highly alkali-resistant EcoStone protector, which considerably reduces probable salt formation, repels water and the attachment of microorganisms. And the High Traffic Protector, formed with solvent-based acrylic resins for internal or external application on cement surfaces. This promotes waterproofing, repels water and humidity and makes cleaning easier. These protectors should not be mixed or overlapped. That is, you must choose one or the other.

7. How much does the EcoStone protector perform?

Its performance ranges between 0.200 to 0.300 liters / m2; that is, 1 liter for 4 m².


1. What material are special floors used with?

There are two ways of placing: • Traditional base mix (1/4 cement, 1 air lime, 3 sand).
EcoPega adhesive mixture, especially recommended for its excellent degree of adhesion.

2. Is there a product that can enhance and protect the color of floors?

Our products do not necessarily require a cover. However, we recommend the high traffic coating. This product provides shine, protection and resistance, repels dirt, and long durability outdoors. It is quick-drying, protects and enhances the natural tone of the pieces by forming a quick-drying, high-resistance film.

3. What is the performance of the high traffic coating? When can I apply this product?

The high traffic coating has a coverage power of 8 to 10 m2 per liter, per coat. To apply this product on new surfaces, you must wait at least 90 days for them to fully cure. We recommend two passes to achieve greater effectiveness.

4. What material are special athermal floors used with?

We recommend ivory EcoPega adhesive mixture. It has excellent flexibility and the same product color for better handling during placement. This strengthens its athermal condition.

5. Is there a product I can use to protect athermal floors?

Yes, there is the EcoStone protector, a highly resistant silicone hydro-repellent treatment, which reduces salt formation, repels water and prevents the fixation of dust.


For outdoor or indoor use:

  • WEBER: Superflex
  • MAPEI: Keraflex
  • KLAUKOL: Flex
  • Glue for Concrete or Stone Pieces (Let the experienced installer work)

Quickly wipe off the excess before the paste hardens.

*We suggest that all installation work be carried out by an experienced professional.

1️⃣ Presentation

RAZZANTE is delivered in packages wrapped in heat-shrinkable film. The units and weights per package depend on the formats.

2️⃣ Storage

In storage: Do not place more than three pallets in height, do not allow it to receive knocks and do not leave it outdoors.
On site: Take into account transporting and unloading packages on site vertically. IMPORTANT: tiles should always be stored on their edge, never flat. The roughness of the plates does not allow uniform support when stacking flat, this causes the weight to concentrate in a few points, causing cracks. Avoid mistreatment of the plates, Razzante is a product with rigidity properties, it is not flexible, which is why it is prone to breakage due to impact (blows), or vibrations produced by worn or inadequate cutting discs.

3️⃣ Recommendations

Before any installation, carry out adequate waterproofing on either floors or walls.

4️⃣ Maintenance

-It is recommended to place a protective plastic at the access to the installed area.
-When necessary, you can wash the floor with neutral soap, do not use powdered soap, do not use products that contain acid. Do not clean with thinner.
-Razzante floors in the composition have additives that increase the impermeability of the product. If you want a surface shine and easy cleaning, the application of an aqueous wax or our exclusive high-traffic coatings is recommended, and you can keep the surface free of dust with just a cloth moistened with water. Being a calcareous material, the Razzante line of rustic floors and coverings does not need and cannot be polished.

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