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Cucina Black - Deco - Crisarte - 1era

Cucina Black - Deco - Crisarte - 1era

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General information

Important: This type of product has several sizes available. The price per m2 is a reference (It is best to consult directly on WhatsApp for the measurements you need, the model and color you are looking for). This way, you consult us on stock of the quantity you need, we quote you the best price and coordinate the pickup or delivery of your order.


1. Glass Sheets (Large sizes of glass plates)

2. Glass Ceramics (In various sizes available - smaller plates - ceramic type)

☑️ Official Distributor of Crisarte Argentina:

We are Direct Distributors of Crisarte. We offer the best price on the market with all payment methods. We make immediate deliveries to the entire country (Argentina). Coordinate your order for Crisarte products at the best price on the market and with the most convenient shipping or pickup method for you!

1️⃣ GLASS SHEETS (Large Plates)

2️⃣ GLASS CERAMIC (Small and medium plates)


Here you have a selection of five unique designs in different shades, perfect to complement a wide variety of styles and environments:

Brick: This design features a brick look that adds a rustic and cozy touch to any space. Available in warm hues such as terracotta, beige or brown, the Brick design adds traditional charm to your walls.

Circus: With vibrant colors and geometric patterns, the Circus design adds vitality and dynamism to your spaces. From bright tones like red, yellow and blue to more subtle combinations, this design is perfect for creating a cheerful and energetic atmosphere.

Leño: Inspired by the natural texture of wood, the Leño design offers an organic and elegant aesthetic. Available in light, dark or intermediate wood tones, this design adds warmth and sophistication to any environment, whether modern or traditional.

Linen: With its soft and subtle texture, the Linen design brings a feeling of serenity and tranquility to your spaces. Available in a variety of neutral tones such as white, grey, beige or cream, this design is ideal for creating elegant and timeless environments.

Cuisine: This design combines elements of traditional cuisine with a contemporary touch. Featuring patterns of cookware, fresh ingredients or gastronomic motifs, the Cuisine design adds a unique and inviting charm to any kitchen or dining room.

Whether you are looking for a rustic, modern, minimalist or vibrant style, these designs in different shades offer a wide variety of options to express your style and personality in any space.


The Opacid Mirror® line is ideal for coverings, closet fronts, kitchen furniture, and any surface where you want to prevent the transfer of light without losing elegance.


We make special designs in all thicknesses and colors of mirrors.


It's time to elevate your spaces with the new line of Artisan Crystal Products: Crisarte Ceramics! Designed with architecture and modern decoration in mind, these ceramics are the ideal option to transform your walls, kitchen elevations, bathrooms and much more.

Made of 5mm or 4mm thick glass/mirrors (depending on the line sold), these ceramics offer a perfect combination of elegance and resistance. The variety of colors, textures and designs available, together with their natural shine, make them a truly unique covering, capable of adding a touch of style and sophistication to any environment.

Whether you are looking to create a contemporary and chic atmosphere or add a touch of glamor to your spaces, Crisarte Ceramics are the perfect choice. Discover a new way to express your style with the exceptional quality and design that only Cristales Artesanales can offer.


These lines of glass ceramics can be used as coatings for:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Furniture
  • Offices
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Other wall coverings (cannot be used for floors)


With a variety of sizes and options, these ceramics are the perfect choice for covering walls in kitchens, bathrooms and more. Below, we present the technical specifications:

  • Ceramic measurements : Available in various dimensions to adapt to your needs:

    • 130x260mm
    • 600x300mm
    • 1000 x 300mm
    • 600x850mm
    • 1200 x 600mm

  • Quantity of ceramics per box : Varies depending on the size of the ceramic:

    • Box 130 x 260 mm: 14 pieces per box, totaling 0.47 m2 (*measurement not available for all lines)
    • Box 600 x 300 mm: 6 pieces per box, totaling 1.08 m2
    • Box 1000 x 300 mm: 4 pieces per box, totaling 1.20 m2
    • Box 600 x 850 mm: 2 pieces per box, totaling 1.02 m2
    • Box 1200 x 600 mm: 2 pieces per box, totaling 1.44 m2 (*measurement not available for all lines)

  • Thickness : The ceramics have a thickness of 4 to 5 mm, depending on the model.

  • Application : It is recommended to use neutral silicone for installation.

  • Joints : A minimum of 1 mm joint must be left between the ceramics. The joints must be sealed with neutral silicone.

  • Workable processes : Glass ceramics can be cut and drilled as necessary for installation.


Purchase information

  • Sales format: per m2 / units of Sheets / Closed box

💸Prices :

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  • Branch withdrawal
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  • Home delivery
  • Shipped to the logistics operator's branch
  • Coordinated deliveries (CABA and GBA)
  • Extra fast shipping
  • Shipping all over the country

Shipping costs vary depending on the delivery destination and the characteristics of the order.
The shipping cost includes transportation, insurance and VAT.

🛍️ Payment Methods :

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  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit (3 and 6 interest-free installments) with Mercado Pago
  • Transfer or Bank Deposit (25% Discount)

📝 Quote :

Check our wholesale prices . Tell us what type of work you want to do, what material or type of design you like and how many m² you need. We quote you so that you can get the best price , and the most convenient shipping and payment conditions for you .

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