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Bronze - Opacid - Crisarte - 1st

Bronze - Opacid - Crisarte - 1st

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Important: This type of product has several sizes available. The price per m2 is a reference (It is best to consult directly on WhatsApp for the measurements you need, the model and color you are looking for). This way, you consult us on stock of the quantity you need, we quote you the best price and coordinate the pickup or delivery of your order.


1. Glass Sheets (Large sizes of glass plates)

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1️⃣ GLASS SHEETS (Large Plates)


Opacid® is an acid satin float glass. This process allows us to obtain a diffuse glass, with a homogeneous surface, maintaining all the characteristics of float glass unaltered.

Opacid® is resistant to fingerprints, as well as the dirt that is normally present in indoor and outdoor environments, thus making it suitable for any application in modern decoration and architecture.


Opacid® can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Among its exterior applications we can highlight: building fronts, balconies, facades, walls, windows, balcony divisions, etc.

Among its interior applications we can highlight: furniture (desks, tables, shelves, etc.), closet fronts, dividers, bathroom screens, ceilings, doors, steps, kitchen furniture, etc.


Work is carried out upon request for satin coating on both sides, achieving opacity on both sides.

🎖️Quality Opacid® Glass

Discover the beauty and versatility of Opacid®: the etched satin float glass that will completely transform your indoor and outdoor spaces. With its unique manufacturing process, Opacid® offers a diffuse, homogeneous surface that retains all the distinctive qualities of float glass, while its resistance to fingerprints and dirt makes it an ideal choice for any modern architectural or decoration project. .

Whether you want to give a contemporary touch to building facades, balconies or exterior walls, or are looking for an elegant and functional solution for your interior furniture, Opacid® is the perfect option. Its application is as diverse as it is inspiring: from closet fronts and bathroom screens to shelves, doors and kitchen furniture, Opacid® elevates the design of any space with its impeccable aesthetics and exceptional durability.

Explore the infinite possibilities of Opacid® and bring your architectural and decorative projects to life with a touch of sophistication and distinction that only Crisarte can offer you.


Discover the magnitude of the possibilities with Opacid®, now available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to fit your specific needs. From 180 x 250 sheets to impressive dimensions of 360 x 250 cm, Opacid® offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

With thickness options ranging from 4mm to 19mm, you can customize every detail of your project with precision and confidence. Plus, with a selection of colors including Colorless, Grey, Bronze, Extra clear and Blue, you can add a touch of style and elegance to any environment.

But that's not all: Opacid® is not only aesthetic, but also practical. Weighing only 2.5 kg per m2 per mm of thickness, it is lightweight and easy to handle, without sacrificing the strength and durability you need.

And best of all, Opacid® is completely adaptable to a wide variety of processes, from machining and tempering to laminating, bending, punching and more. With Opacid®, your ideas can come to life without limitations, always preserving the distinctive characteristics of float glass that make it unique.

Explore the infinite possibilities of Opacid® and take your projects to the next level with the quality and reliability that only Crisarte can provide you.

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