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Bahia Carmel - 20x120 - Ilva - 1st

Bahia Carmel - 20x120 - Ilva - 1st

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General information

  • Measures: 20x120cm
  • Thickness: 10.8mm
  • No. of pieces per box: 4
  • per Box: 0.96
  • Weight per Box: 34Kg
  • Code: ILVA0113
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Design Type: Wood Look
  • Finish: Natural Glazed
  • Finish/Edge Type: Rectified
  • Gray

  • Use: Floors and Cladding
  • Application: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Minimum Joint: 3mm
  • Detonation: V3
  • Smooth texture
  • Transit: Intense - Light Commercial
  • Cleaning difficulty: Low
  • Stain resistance: High
  • Ecological: 9/10
  • Brand: Ilva Porcellanato
  • Origin: Argentina
  • Quality: First

👩‍💻(For any additional information about the technical sheet of the product, request it directly from WhatsApp so one of our Advisors can provide you with any type of additional information requested) 👩‍💻

Applicable to:

🤵‍♂️ Valle Austral - Distributor and Ambassador - Ilva Porcellanato 🤵‍♂️

Valle Austral distributes and markets all Ilva Porcellanato brand products as well as offering Free Advice to anyone who has any type of doubt or question to resolve. Guaranteeing the client complete information on all ILVA brand products as well as several photos of the brand's models so that they can discover Ilva Porcellanato in its maximum splendor .

"Experts in the entire line of Ilva Porcellanato products"

🪵 ILVA Porcellanato Woods 🪵

For man, wood has always represented refuge, tradition and life. ILVA reinterprets this concept with resistant and durable porcelain tile, capable of giving life to a space and turning it into a real house, our house.

🌟 BAHIA Line 🌟

Essence of wood, derived from the recovery of vintage oak boards, selected and handcrafted to enhance their natural characteristics.
The selection of the boards was worked manually by expert craftsmen with the aim of improving the refinement of the grains, colors and the slightly undulating surface.
The original wood is present mainly in Italy, and in the rest of the European continent.

📝 BAHIA CARMEL - Valle Austral Review "Your Interior Designer Friend" 📝

Its particular color and texture offers infinite design possibilities in indoor and outdoor environments, while remaining a resistant and durable wooden porcelain tile.

🖌️ PRODUCTION How are Ilva Porcellanatos made? 🖌️

The most delicate raw materials are used for its manufacture: Exclusive, very pure and high quality clays, which contain important minerals that allow it to acquire its exceptional resistance. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies and machinery, the Ilva manufacturing plant produces a wide range of porcelain tiles that lead current trends. They apply a digital decoration process, this technology allows you to decorate a structured surface, with the best image quality in the industry. The color penetrates entirely, leading to uninterrupted color and characteristic surface patterns throughout the body of ILVA porcelain tiles.


💪It is antacid

It is insensitive to the most widespread acids: vinegar, lemon juice, cola (ortho phosphoric acid) and hydrochloric acid, leaving no signs of damage.

💪 Non-combustible

The material does not burn or produce toxic-harmful gases or fumes in the event of fire or exposure to flames.

💪 Frost resistant :

The material is resistant to cold and ice.

💪 It is intact :

No problem with hot pots or lit cigarettes, which, on the contrary, damage wood, plastic laminates or agglomerates with resins.

💪 Chromatically stable:

The colors are completely stable and are not altered by exposure to the sun, atmospheric agents or smog.

🧹 Can be sanitized:

It does not retain organic substances and bacteria, which cause allergies and disorders. It is possible to freely use strong detergents or disinfectants.

🧹 Not afraid of stains :

In the kitchen, oil, wine, coffee and other substances do not produce irreversible stains. Cologne, creams, nail polish do not stick and do not stain the surface.

👷Easy to work :

The product lends itself to being worked on. (cut, drilled, etc.).


  • ✅ Durability (Greater resistance to breakage)
  • ✅ Resistant to Abrasion and Wear
  • ✅ UV resistant
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures (Very cold and extremely hot)
  • Moisture barrier (Water Resistant)
  • Waterproof (More than Ceramic and Porcelain)

🍃 ECO-SUSTAINABLE (Sustainable and Efficient) 🍃

ILVA is spokesperson for an eco-sustainable industry, contributing to making ceramics a closed-cycle production. Throughout the production process, ILVA developed a system to collect and use production waste, reprocess water and reuse the heat generated in some phases.

I also develop a paste for some range of products.
ECOPASTA , an eco-sustainable product that reuses all the plant's production waste and recovers industrial water, without giving up being a porcelain tile with ILVA quality.

ILVA works carefully on the quality of its products, taking care of the environment and the safety of all our collaborators (By not contaminating excessively). Thanks to this, the company was allowed to certify its systems and products as eco-sustainable.

Facility :


Installing porcelain tiles is a project that you can do yourself. Although we always recommend experienced installers for best results (If installation is complicated, we suggest that you hire a professional).

You can request YouTube videos (Prepared by professionals) that explain the keys and suggestions for installation.

Suggested glues for outdoor or indoor use:

  • WEBER: Superflex
  • MAPEI: Keraflex
  • KLAUKOL: Flex

Quickly wipe off the excess before the paste hardens.


If you need and want the complete instructions with all the instructions for its correct installation and placement. Consult by Whatsapp 👩‍💻so that our Business Advisors can provide you with the complete Instructions.


📝 Suggestions on how to clean and maintain it: I asked for the complete instructions with all the instructions and suggestions to keep the porcelain tiles impeccable. What elements do you need, the step by step, and more information (Due to space issues they are in pdf file - request by Wpp)

📝 Final Cleaning of the Work: Carrying out a cleaning at the end of your work will allow you to remove the remains of paste, glue, lime cement and other impurities that are usually generated with the placement of porcelain tiles. With this procedure that we suggest (Request Instructions), the aesthetic quality of your floors and coverings that characterizes us will not be affected, achieving an optimal result. (Due to space issues, they are in a pdf file - request by Wpp)

We promote the virtue of the 3 "Rs" :

"Renew, Refresh and Recover Life"

Purchase information

  • Sales format: by closed box
  • Price: per 1
  • Performance per closed box: 0,096m²

"Why do we publish by the square meter and sell by the closed box?"

In the construction sector, it is customary to offer ceramic and porcelain tiles with a price per square meter and sell by closed box. This is because depending on the factory and model, the number of square meters per box varies, the only way to know the real value is by comparing how much x .

If you want to buy you can:

✅Make the purchase through the website

A) Make the purchase of the m2 you need through the website and then we will contact you in case you want to pay the remainder to complete the next closed box for the m2 ordered.
B) Or also according to the m2 paid, the corresponding closed boxes are prepared by rounding up the maximum amount of m2 per closed box that can be prepared according to the m2 paid and in case of paying a greater difference (To the m2 of the closed boxes deliver - That small excess proportion paid) will be refunded to the buyer who will receive a refund receipt from our commercial advisors after the purchase is made.

✅Make the purchase with direct and personalized help from our Commercial Advisors

EXACT budget for the closed boxes you need according to the m2 of your work

Request your personalized quote with the m2 or closed boxes you need: So that a Commercial Advisor can give you the exact price of your order . (According to the closed boxes to buy with the m2 you are needing) or ask for our help online by WhatsApp , phone or email so that a salesperson can accompany you in the process.

👩‍💻 Prices 👩‍💻

  • I got the best price on the market paying by Transfer or Bank Deposit (Take advantage of this final Price without the Web Tax) CONSULT US on WhatsApp!

🚚 Shipping 🚚

  • Branch withdrawal
  • Pickup at the logistics operator's branch
  • Home delivery across the country)
  • Sent to the branch of the logistics operator (Across the country)
  • Coordinated deliveries (CABA and GBA)
  • Extra fast shipping
  • Shipping all over the country

Shipping costs vary according to the delivery destination and the characteristics of the order.
The shipping cost includes transportation, insurance and VAT.

💳 Payment Methods 💳

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit (3, 6 and 12 interest-free installments) with Mercado Pago
  • Transfer or Bank Deposit (15% Discount)

👩‍💻 Quote and Inquiries 👩‍💻

Check our wholesale prices . Tell us what type of work you want to do, what material or type of design you like and how many m² you need. We quote you so that you can get the best price , and the most convenient shipping and payment conditions for you .

At Valle Austral our interest in you is evident!

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