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Misiones Deco

Esse Grigio - V2201 - 1st

Esse Grigio - V2201 - 1st

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General information

  • Measurements: 24.5x28 cm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • No. of pieces per M²: 15
  • Code: V2201
  • Material: Glass with Effects
  • Design Type: Premium Decorated
  • Finish: Rustic Matte
  • Edge Type: Beveled
  • Color: Black and Gray
  • Cleaning difficulty: Low
  • Stain resistance: High
  • Ecological: 9/10
  • Brand: Misiones Deco Solutions
  • Origin: Argentina
  • Quality: First

Official Distributor of Misiones Deco Solutions:

We are Direct Distributors of Misiones Deco Solutions. We offer the best price on the market with all payment methods. We make immediate deliveries to the entire country (Argentina). Coordinate your order from Misiones Deco at the best price and with the most convenient shipping or pickup method for you!

Applicable to:

Facility :

  • WEBER: Two-component Epoxy Plus or Superflex

If you can't find it, use:

  • MAPEI: Keraflex
  • KLAUKOL: Flex

Quickly wipe off the excess before the paste hardens.

Premium Glass

The glass covers great versatility the finish of the walls, providing luminosity, elegance, a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.

It is ideal for modern architecture and decoration.

Some of his great advantages are: it is a natural insulator of noise and outside temperature, helping to save energy, it is an easier material to clean compared to others, its design and aesthetics .

Covering the facades of a building with glass considerably increases beauty of the building. So finding the desired effect and achieving a room completely to our liking will only be a matter of choosing the type and design of the glass.

“The variety of colors, textures and designs; just like the natural shine make these a coating only "

We promote the virtue of the 3 "Rs" :

"Renew, Refresh and Recover Life"

Purchase information

  • Sales format: per unit
  • Performance: 0.066m²

"How many units of this product do I need to cover the of my work"?

-15 units are needed to cover 1m²

Prices :

  • I got the best price on the market paying by Transfer or Bank Deposit (Take advantage of this final Price without the Web Tax) CONSULT US on WhatsApp!

Shipping :

  • Branch withdrawal
  • Pickup at the logistics operator's branch
  • Home delivery
  • Shipped to the logistics operator's branch
  • Coordinated deliveries (CABA and GBA)
  • Extra fast shipping
  • Shipping all over the country

Shipping costs vary according to the delivery destination and the characteristics of the order.
The shipping cost includes transportation, insurance and VAT.

Payment methods :

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit (3 and 6 interest-free installments) with Mercado Pago
  • Transfer or Bank Deposit (15% Discount)
  • Cryptocurrencies (New!): BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA and SOL

Price :

Check our wholesale prices . Tell us what type of work you want to do, what material or type of design you like and how many m² you need. We quote you so that you can get the best price , and the most convenient shipping and payment conditions for you .

At Valle Austral our interest in you is evident!

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